The Foundation of NANZ

In 1956 Mr. Richard Robinson, neurosurgeon at Dunedin Hospital, and Archie McIntyre, the Professor of Physiology, University of Otago, proposed the formation of a society for doctors and scientists interested in the nervous system. Derek Denny-Brown had accepted an invitation to travel from Boston to attend a meeting of the Australian and NZ Association for the Advancement of Science in Dunedin in January 1957.

Robinson and McIntyre used this opportunity to invite him to join a neurological meeting while he was in Dunedin, which he accepted. Physicians, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and scientists with an interest in the nervous system were invited to attend the meeting and to form a Neurological Association.

This first meeting of the Neurological Association of New Zealand (NANZ) was held in Dunedin Hospital on Friday 1st February, 1957. The scientific meeting was followed by a business meeting and dinner at the Fernhill Club.
Dr. Robert Quentin-Baxter, who had been unable to attend on account of illness, was elected the first President of the Neurological Association. The historic picture taken at that meeting is shown below. Most delegates were neurologists, unless stated.

Front row (left to right): Richard Robinson (neurosurgeon), Archie McIntyre (neurophysiologist), Derek Denny-Brown (guest from Boston), Jock Caughey, Charles Begg (neuroradiologist).

Back row (left to right,): William Trotter (anatomist), Keith Macleod, David Robertson (neurosurgeon), Gavin Glasgow, John Boyd-Wilson (neuroradiologist), Jake Cuningham, John Willis, Graeme Riley.

Jack Bergin, Tony James (neurosurgeon) and Roland Rodda (neuropathologist) attended the meeting, but were are not in the photograph. Donald McKenzie and Robert Quentin-Baxter were unable to attend the meeting, but also became foundation members of the Neurological Association.

List of Presidents (year of election)

1957 R.H. Quentin Baxter
1959 D.D. McKenzie
1961 J.D. Bergin
1965 R.G. Robinson
1967 K.E.D. Eyre
1969 J. Boyd-Wilson
1971 S.P. Wrightson
1973 J.A.K. Cuningham
1975 J.A. James
1977 G.L. Glasgow
1979 J.P. Simcock
1981 S.P. Wrightson
1983 I.M. Donaldson
1985 S. Bishara
1987 E. Willoughby
1989 J. P. Simcock
1991 P. Parkin
1993 L.F. Haas
1995 W.E. Wallis
1997 G.M. Macdonald
1999 M. Pollock
2001 V. Balakrishnan
2003 R.W. Frith
2005 T. Anderson
2007 A. Wright
2009 N.E. Anderson
2011 A.M. Chancellor
2012 A.M. Chancellor
2013 A.M. Chancellor